I Saved Hyrule and All I Got Was This Awesome T-Shirt

How awesome is this Zelda “costume” t-shirt? The only possible answer here is “very”. In fact, this shirt is so awesome that it hasn’t been made (yet) – but hopefully, that will soon change.
There are two types of outfits most fans will wear; there’s the standard t-shirt from Hot Topic with a faded Triforce and a caption that says something like “Hero of Time” or “I Saved Hyrule and All I Got was this T-Shirt”. Then, there’s a full-on cosplay getup including a screen-accurate tunic, cream leggings, a thick belt, and solid boots. Maybe even a sword and bow, if you’re feeling particularly crafty.

zelda tee 1

Either way, these outfits end up conveying the same message – you’re a Zelda fan ranging from casual to hardcore. Yet, there seems to be no happy medium between the two. You can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) wear a tunic while hanging out with friends, and you’ll be laughed at if you don a generic Triforce t-shirt at any gaming convention.

This is where the Zelda costume t-shirt fits in. It’s totally casual because it’s a plain t-shirt, yet it contains all the details found on Link’s costume in Twilight Princess. This would make a great casual costume, too – pair it with slim fitting jeans and brown leather loafers and you’re ready for the next LAN party. It carries the same sort of casual chic feeling as the common tuxedo t-shirt, except that it has far nerdier leanings. You probably won’t see Hollywood celebrities wearing this tee anytime soon.
zelda tee 2

Unfortunately, there’s one major downside to this shirt; it’s only a mock-up of what the design might look like if it were actually printed. It hasn’t yet been made, and it’s possible that it won’t be. The design was submitted for scoring on Threadless, so it’s up to the community and staff to realize how great of a design this is and to print it. Hopefully they – like the droves of fans out there – also have a burning love for the elf-eared Hylian hero

I think this design would look even better if printed on a hoodie; it’s a tested and true way of turning iconic video games into wearable art. For example, the Megaman Hoodie follows this idea to a tee (ha, ha) – it looks exactly like the costume that Megaman wears, except that it’s a comfy hoodie. Others, like this Pacman Hoodie, transform a classic game into a textile pattern that covers the entire sweatshirt.

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