Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella has it All

Guys who are not much comfortable in carrying an umbrella but are careful about not getting drenched in rain as well can now find an absolute solution and look dashing without getting wet too.

Knight sword Handle Umbrella

An umbrella that looks much like a sword while being tied can make anybody carrying it feel and look like the ancient warrior Sir Lancelot with his sword attached at his hip. The over all look of the person carrying it will be more like a warrior or a soldier, it is the sign of a brave and macho man!

This Knight’s sword handle umbrella is in no way less than an umbrella and the only thing that makes it different from an ordinary daily use umbrella is its handle. On first look, anybody can get confused and will take a few seconds to think as to what it is actually.

Knight Sword Handle Umbrella side

The best part is that, this umbrella is wearable on your back or at your hips and the strap attached to the umbrella is adjustable according to your comfort. A few of the features of the umbrella that make it good to go for are its weight that is very light, its size which is of 37″ long x 41.5″ only and the of course, its price, just $34.99!

When there is no x-factor in an umbrella to attract the buyers, this new design of the sword umbrella has something new to offer. Stylish, innovative and then again protective from the rain, this Knight’s Sword has everything to be in fashion and in high demand. The umbrella gets unfolded just at the push of one button and the nylon cover keeps it safe from getting damaged.

Knight Sword Handle Umbrella back

If spoken about the other goodness of this sword umbrella then it must be mentioned that it will be a good thing for one to pretend as a real sword and shoo away the strangers with bad motives. Just like the way it gets difficult for one guess whether it is a sword or an umbrella, it will be a good thing for you to mislead and frighten people for your security.

The Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella is a perfect design that comes with 2 in 1 facilities enabling the user to get two important things done. Fighting against the rain and then fighting for your safety.

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