Laptop Lunch Box

Somewhere down the line of human history, and some time after eating became a luxury, humans have obtained a pleasure of carrying around their lunches in decorative boxes. Some people don’t care that much, and prefer to carry their lunches in brown bags. Sometimes even then, people get creative, as seen on these drawings off comic book characters on brown lunch bags (which almost seem as waste considering they will probably be thrown out afterwards). On a similar note as that one, the designer of this lunch box looked at the general design of the disposable Styrofoam lunch boxes, and from there created a nerdy design to go along with it.


This is one of those products that you would probably buy for its looks rather than for practical use. It’s not a reusable lunch box; the buyer might actually spend all his time “saving it for the right moment” and end up having it never used. Others may just buy it with the intention of not using it at all – that is, if there is only one of these. If this product were mass produced, there would be no shame in using it. Either way, it is still an awesome product to have.

Lap Top

The design concept by Cindy John is pretty simple: they basically added a second layer lid into the lunch box which covers the bottom portion of it. The top portion of this lid has the appearance of a keyboard, so that when it is open it resembles a laptop – back in the day when laptops were very bulky.

It would be awesome to see these be the packages they give when they serve lunches at cafeterias. I can imagine a school cafeteria having these. It’s the kind of humor that some people would react well to, while others might not.

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