16 Fashionable Face Masks to Avoid COVID-19

In this time of COVID-19, we have to make sure we are protected and avoid contracting the virus. So why not look into fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19?

However, items sold on Etsy, such as masks and hand sanitizers, aren’t medical-grade, and their sellers cannot make medical or health claims. While these fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19 are not medically approved and do not give the same protection like surgical masks and N95 masks, but would still be good protection than having nothing, right? Plus, you can get protected with style and staying fashionable. But, for best protection, you may still opt to use medical-approved masks, like N95.

Still keen on having fashionable face masks? Take a look at some of the interesting designs here:

1) Adult Reusable Washable Neoprene Face Mask

Do you have a colorful, bubbly character? Maybe you would fancy showing that by having a colorful mask. More to a colorful and nice design, this mask is also made of neoprene, which means it is flameproof, waterproof and oil and solvent resistant.

This Etsy seller is also offering this kind of fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19 in other designs and in plain colors. Bundle deals are also available so you can share face masks with your family and friends.

2) Five-Layer Linen Face Mask with Wire

In case you can’t get ahold of the medical-grade face masks, this five-linen and wired face mask with a cotton fabric outer may be an alternative that’s not so bad. The wire is sewn into the mask also allows you to adjust the mask for a good fit. Speaking of a good fit, the mask also uses adjustable rubber bands to attach to your ears. This five-linen face mask is available in various designs and colors, too!

3) Floral Fabric Face Mask

How about a floral design for fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19?

4) Superhero Comic Strip Fashion Face Mask

Are comics and superhero stories your thing? If so, maybe something which shows that could be a perfect face mask design option for you. This superhero comic strip face mask is available in red and in blue and is in two sizes for adults.

Need fabric face masks ASAP? This Etsy seller is offering a rush production for a fee. Check it out here.

5) Assorted Colorful Face Masks with Fleece Linen

How about getting a set of face masks with various designs and patterns? This face mask set is also sewn with fleece that serves as linen inside the fabric cloth.

6) Philadelphia Flyers Gritty Fashion Face Mask

Are you a Philadelphia resident who’s a fan of hockey? This is the perfect face mask to show that. Cool, right? It’s also available in XL size! Need your face mask ASAP? Request for a rush production here.

7) 100% Cotton Fabric Batman Face Mask

How about showing off your favorite superhero onto your mask? If you love Batman that’s doable! This Batman face mask is three-dimensional (like an n95 in terms of shape) and has an option for the pocket. This Etsy seller also makes masks for kid sizes!

Apart from superhero designs, other designs are available from this seller, which you can check out here.

8) Elephant Nose And Mouth Mask

Do you like elephants? Dumbo? Circus animals? Or just into cute animal designs? If you fit into any of those criteria or all, this could be a nice face mask design for you. This elephant design face mask is made of 100% polyester and has a high elastic ear loop. For added choices, this mask is also available in white and black colors.

9) Colorful Patterned Face Mask

Are you into cool and funky patterns? Checking out these face mask designs: triangle, mustache, and star patterns are available among all the many others. You can also choose from three different mask styles, too! Check them out here.

10) Baby Yoda Washable Face Mask

Hello Star Wars and Mandalorian fans, you can come out now! But first, go get yourself a face mask. How about this Baby Yoda face mask as a way to show your geeky side?

The mask fabric is made of cotton and synthetics and is available for both adults and kids. Cool, right? Get yours here.

11) Cotton Fabric Face Mask With Smile

Yes, we know, in this time that we have to protect ourselves with face masks, it becomes challenging to express ourselves — at least with facial expressions. Let people know you are smiling from behind the face mask. You can do that through this smiley-designed face mask.

The mask’s fabric is made of 100% cotton sewn with two layers of cloth. You also have an option to request an additional filter pocket. The mask comes with an elastic earloop, making it easy to fit various face sizes.

12) Fashion Face Mask in Black Sparkly Glittered Fish Net Fabric For Adults + Kids

Are glittery clothing part of your usual fashion? Then you can continue with that through your washable face mask. This glittery face mask is made of a fishnet mesh fabric and is available for both males and females and for children and adults. You can choose from sizes small to XL with the measurement guide available in the listing here.

13) Leopard Reusable Washable Face Mask

Love leopard prints? You are in luck as we have found the perfect face mask for you. You can also share this beautiful face gear with your family and friends as the seller offers bundle orders, too. Get packs in three, five, 10 or 20 here.

14) Pineapples in Pink Organic Cloth Face Mask

Hello, pineapple lovers, here’s the mask for you — a pineapple patterned face mask design in a cool peach color. Cute, right. This face mask’s outer fabric is made of cotton, while its inner fabric is an organic gauze in two layers. Check it out here.

15) Disney Tsum Tsum Fashion Face Mask

Of course, this list will not be complete without the cute Disney characters. Show your love for Disney with these Disney characters, such as Minnie Mouse, Tigger and Piglet, and Lilo! This Disney face mask for adults has two sizes for you to choose from.

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