Learn to Build Your Own Flying RC Starship Enterprise

You might have heard and seen various types of starships but there is something innovative about the new 2 Meter Flying RC Starship Enterprise.

RC Starship Enterprise

This interesting enterprise has been especially made for the occasion of the BVC or Belgian Voyage Club participation at the 20th F.A.C.T.S convention in Ghent between October 23rd and 24th, 2010.

This 2 Meter Flying RC Starship Enterprise looked a difficult build design on the first look but when the maker set to make it, everything turned out into reality with some hard work and creativity. To make your own Flying RC Starship Enterprise, you would need two Zeppelin NT foil balloon along with a 52” blimp envelope of 52” x 37” version that comes with extra load bearing capacity.

Another thing required to make this RC Starship Enterprise is a 36″ or 38” round foil balloon and about 2m to 3m of balloon foil. You also require 99% of pure helium to get maximum buoyancy in a 2m Flying RC Starship Enterprise. This is not all, this interesting starship needs materials like extruded polystyrene sheet of about 3.5m and 2mm diameter glassfiber composite rod to fly.

RC Starship Enterprise front

The maker also used superglue, clear cellotape, think double sided tape, polystyrene contact glue, and 50g of plasticine for the construction of this enterprise. All these materials have some or the other function to perform in the ultimate 2 Meter Flying RC Starship Enterprise once it was made.

The person behind the invention of Flying RC Starship was very particular about its propulsion and control. He kept in mind that propulsion and RC components of this enterprise should be under 40g for this 8kg of parkflyer receiver, three 6g micro servos, 10g LiPo battery, three 6.5 diameter indoor airplane propellers, and an extra motor were used.

RC Starship Enterprise front

The perfect propulsion and control of Flying RC Starship is also possible due to the use of an extra small micro switch, some 2mm diameter carbon rod, two small gears with 1:3 ratio, and 2.5m thinnest isolated electric wire.

The design of this starship looks like a toy but some people believe it looks like a sophisticated starship with all those balloons fitted in it.

Here are another ways to make the Starship Enterprise:

Via: Instructables