Adidas Facebook & Twitter Superstars

It is safe to say that mostly everyone has a Facebook and Twitter account, but do they also spread their social enthusiasm with their fashion sense. Perhaps soon they will be able to with these custom Adidas Superstars designed with the Facebook and Twitter themes. facebook adidas superstars shoes

Designed by Gerry McKay, these two custom made Facebook and Twitter shoes are a beauty to look at. For those familiar with Facebook and  who have their own account in one of the two sites, the resemblance is uncanny, for besides the color themes, there are additional little touches.

facebook custom adidas superstars shoes

facebook adidas superstars shoes custom design

The Adidas Facebook shoe includes the Facebook logo (on the back and on the tongue), the color theme, the font and even two separate slogans printed inside the shoe that read: “Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you” and “Making the world open and connected”. The Twitter shoe is a little more subtle, with the color theme not as bright, the Twitter bird on the back, and the font created.

twitter adidas superstars shoes

As much as the two Social sites are popular worldwide, do you believe individuals would be interested in wearing such branded shoes in public?

twitter custom adidas superstars shoes

twitter adidas superstars shoes custom design

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facebook twitter adidas superstars shoes