Star Wars Hoodies Galore: Must Haves for Every Diehard Fan

The humble hoodie is more than just a warm and snug layer of clothing – it is a style statement. The geeks inherited the hoodie from the monks, and decorated them with satirical comments, statements of affinity towards things they liked and upon occasion, even interesting nonsense. Thinkgeek remains the destination of choice for hoodies and T-shirts for geeks everywhere, and these three hoodies ably show us why.

Whether your loyalty rests with the Jedi or the Sith, there’s a good chance the hoodie is THE article of clothing for you. You’re going to be spoilt for choice, but let’s take it step by step, shall we?

Star Wars Hoodie

First up is a black zipped hoodie with the Star Wars logo on it. The feature that sets this one apart from the rest is the glow in the dark logo. Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for things that glow. I recall having a lot of imaginary fun with the power symbol T-shirt which also glows in the dark. The hoodie is made from a blend of heavyweight cotton and polyester, meaning that it’ll retain softness without sacrificing breathability. For a paltry $43.99, you just can’t afford to give this one a miss.
Rebel Alliance Hoodie ChestNext in this terrific lineup is the Rebel Alliance Hoodie, which in addition to sounding cool also features Alliance iconography on the chest and the back. Just take our advice and don’t wear it where you’re likely to bump into the Imperial Guard, ok?

Rebel Alliance Hoodie BackThe whole shebang including an X-wing graphic on the back can be yours for $43.99.

Bounty Hunter Hoodie ChestLast but not least, we have the Bounty Hunter Hoodie. When you’re out and about with your important task of bringing bad guys to justice, you don’t want the cold distracting you, do you?

Bounty Hunter Hoodie BackStylish graphics on the front and the back ensure that you’ll be taken seriously, and a cotton polyester blend like the other two ensures you’ll be ready for sudden hikes and drops in temperature. We say multiply $43.99 by 3 and get all of them. There’s something sexy about your own Star Wars hoodie collection which you just can’t replicate with other things.

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