The Alien’s Pulse Rifle

The Aliens Pulse Rifle is solely meant for the rough and tough. It is a hundred percent faithful prop replica 1741- A pulse rifle and it weighs at fifteen lbs. This rifle should never be used to fire directly at heat exchangers or beneath it since there is the risk of having to confront an explosion.

The M41- A replica Alien Pulse rifle is very similar to its actual counterpart prop rifle used in Aliens. The pump action works perfectly. So too does the collapsible shoulder stock. All that you need to do is to drop the clip insert 2AA batteries, pop it back inside and watch the LED ammo counter display a reassuring ‘95’.

When this rile is not being used, the M41 –A looks just great adorning the themed wall display plaque. The Aliens Pulse rifle is fitted with a metal barrel vent and a collapsible shoulder stock. Aluminum and “Brown Bess shrouds the same dimensions and color as of the original Aliens pulse rifle. The rifle has a distinct LED ammo counter display which is set at “95’, as and when the removable magazine is inserted.

The Alien pulse rifle is equipped with a moving grenade launcher pump handle. A unique themed wall display plaque accompanies the pack, which is complete with replica stock numbers. The Aliens pulse rifle pack does not include batteries and you need to use two AA batteries to operate this smoothly and without a glitch.

Without an iota of doubt, the Aliens Pulse rifle is a beautiful weapon, which falls into the science fiction genre. This weapon was handled by US colonial Marines in James Cameron’s Oscar winning film “Aliens.” It very distinctly blasted its way on to the big screen through this movie.

This Aliens Pulse Rifle has won over the hearts and minds of the fans of the old movie ‘Aliens.” It’s basically due to the attention to detail, accuracy, features and customer service accorded, , that far exceeds the expectations of all who are hooked on to this rifle, that this unique science fiction weapon has attained roaring popularity amidst its clients.

The rifle’s shrouds are comprised of very durable cast aluminum, whereas, the butt, stock, barrel and heat sink are made of steel. The grenade launcher pulp moves easily and affects the movement of 870 bolts. The Thompson’s charging handle and bolt are spring loaded and can be pulled backwards to allow for loading. The magazine is easily removable and it houses two AAA power supply for the digital counter.

Give vent to your adventurous streak and gift yourself an Aliens pulse rifle , have thrilling moments with your friends and family alike, and relish each moment of the same. It is priced at $899.99.

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