Funky Yoda Hat: For the Cold Winter Days, This Is

Star Wars one of those movies that are continually coming out with more and new products. This Yoda hat is an example of that, just in time for winter!

Usually there is a small window for fan made merchandise to sell after a movie is released. If they’re lucky it will last months, until it dies down and then is available on DVD, in which case the window is temporarily re-opened. There are some movies though that have years of product making and doesn’t seem to end.


Ear flaps hat have been out for a while, but recently we have been seeing them more and more. It is getting cooler to be really dorky, and more people are accepting of it. This hat is an excellent example of that, especially because it is being sold at a popular store.

The hat is entirely green and has the face of Yoda on it. It also has Yoda’s ears sticking out of the side, which is crucial because this is one of his most defining features. It’s a funny hat mostly because it is designed to cover your ears, but it is exposing its own ears. The hat itself will clash with any outfit you have, but that’s what makes it awesome. The appeal comes from its awkwardness.

The hat is currently sold out, which is an indication of how popular these types of hats are. It has the perfecting marketing appeal because it mixes both nerdy fashions along side a very popular character: a character that may be even more popular than the movie itself. It happens sometimes, when a certain character becomes so iconic they begin to exist outside their movies.

This hat is definitely an interesting find and runs for only $20.

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