32 Hanukkah Menorah Designs

Hanukkah is already here and, as always, it is an integral part of the holiday season. For this Hanukka, we decided to put together a great list of Hanukkah menorahs, to inspire and illuminate your life.

What is a menorah?

Basically, the Hanukah menorah or Chanukah menorah is a 9 branched candleholder that is used during the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. For the 8 days of Hanukkah, the lighting of the menorah takes place, with each day the respective numbers of candles are lit along with the menorah center one (also known as the Shamash) as an addition. For example, on the first day, one candle is lit along with the Shamash, the 2nd day – two candles with the Shamash, all the way to the final day, where all 8 candles are lit along with the Shamash.

There are many variations of the Hanukkah menorah which include a traditional menorah, an electric menorah, a silver menorah, a geeky one, homemade ones and many different designs. In the end, we gathered here a menorah collection of some great styles and designs we ran by across on the Web. Some are geeky and some are not, but in the end, the creativity is absolutely apparent. For even more, you can check last year’s collection of geeky Hanukkah menorahs.

Electric Menorahs

The following are some electric menorah that could provide great examples to those interested in learning more of Hanukkah. A few are themed for the Geek inside and others merely provide possibilities to celebrate the holiday in this Tech age.

Hello Kitty Menorah

electric menorah hello kitty

electric menorah hello kitty 2

Images: Miss MusicNerd

Fans of Hello Kitty will appreciate this cute Hello Kitty electric menorah, as it brings together the many styles of the famous kitty in a colorful and practical menorah.

Matches Menorah

electric menorah matches

Image MooPigWisdom

This electric menorah, made in the style of matches, is a cool variation of the normal menorahs we usually run across. Instead of having candles light up, we have 9 different ‘matches’ that are lit for each miraculous night.

Star Trek Menorah

star trek menorah design

This is one of the geekiest electric menorahs we have ever seen, for it is not only techy, but it includes many of the Star Trek characters to help light up the holiday.

Arduino Menorah

electric menorah arduino

Image: Xnedski

For some geeks, it is much easier to build a Hanukkah menorah using Arduino then actually light the menorah candles.

Hanukkah Menorah iPhone Applications

electric menorah iphone application 1

Image: Via
electric menorah iphone application 2
Image: Via
electric menorah iphone application 3
Image: Via

It does seem a bit crazy, but iPhone Apps are everywhere, so why not have one to celebrate Hanukkah? These various electric menorahs are part of a fun holiday application released for the iPhone and iPod Touch,  which grants you the ability to light the menorah straight from your Apple device. You can light the candles with your fingers, control the burn rate and watch their glow. It is a way to celebrate Hanukkah when there is no (physical) menorah around.

Homemade Menorahs

The following homemade menorahs are very creative. While the final results vary between practicality and decoration, they all add extra color to the tradition of lighting the menorah.

Lego Menorahs

chanukah menorah lego 1

Image: Brickshelf

The Lego menorah may not be useful in actually lighting the candles on the toy candelabra, but they are very creative and colorful.

chanukah menorah lego 2

Jeremy Resnick

Surfboard Menorah

hanukkah menorah surfboard

Image: Graygoosie

The surfboard Hanukkah menorah is definitely not your traditional menorah, but that is quite alright; It will entertain any indivdual who comes across it … surfer or not.

Harry Potter Menorah

chanukah menorah harry potter

Image: Jesspotter

Some Harry Potter fans love the wizard so much that they wanted him (and his wizard friends) close by when lighting the candles on the menorah.

chanukah menorah harry potter 2

Image:: JB

Vodka Bottle Menorah

chanuka menorah vodka bottles

Image: Alarming News

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jewish people around the world, including some Russian Jews. This unique menorah made of vodka bottles brings together both traditions.

Hanukka in New York

hanukkah menorah new york metro card

Image: A Design Affair

The Metro Card New York menorah is not one that is actually useful during Hanukkah, but it is a nice way to decorate for the holiday.

Menorah Beaded Art

hanukkah menorah bead art

Image: Exodecai101

Here is a cool menorah that is also not for practical use, but still makes for great decoration.

Crocheted Menorah

crochet chanuka menorah

Image: Rchach

A handmade version of the menorah may be pretty to look at, but should definitely remain away from the lit candles.

Hanukkah Menorah Toys

In order to provide some fun Hanukkah toys for children, some cool menorah toys were also released.

Wood Menorah Set

chanuka menorah wood menorah set

Image: LilSugar

This is a wooden menorah set consists of 31 pieces that are used to educate children on the lighting of lighting the Chanukah menorah and the overall holiday tradition.

Hanukkah Menorah Puzzle

chanuka menorah puzzle set

Image: Canaan

A cool menorah puzzle set consists of the individual candle holders as puzzle pieces, which may be arranged in different variations to bring forth a colorful menorah lighting.

Dreidel Menorah

chanuka menorah dreidel set

Image: Canaan

Celebrate Hanukkah with a dreidel menorah. It includes the separate candle holders, which can be arranged as a menorah or brought together to make for a fun dreidel.

Hanukkah Menorah Designs

There are thousands and thousands of different menorah designs, but here we selected five conceptual ones brought to you by Gabriel Prero, including a Silver menorah from Priyanka Mehta.

hanukkah menorah bamboo design

hanukkah menorah gondola design

hanukkah menorah metal design

hanukkah menorah tube design

hanukkah menorah wood design

silver menorah lighting

Disney Menorahs

Some of your favorite Disney characters are also showing the holiday spirit with their own firetruck menorah design, Disney characters menorah and snow globe menorah. Mickey Mouse also makes an appearance within the unique Pez menorah.

disney menorah hanukkah design

Image: Marcus-VanSnyder
disney menorah hanukkah design 2
Image: Bob Davidson,
disney menorah hanukkah design 3
Image: Sarah Biggart
pez chanuka menorah
Image: Hoboken 41

Miscellaneous Hanukkah Menorahs

The following are some additional menorahs for Hanukkah that vary in theme, size and color.

Statue of Liberty Menorah

statue of liberty chanuka menorah

Image: Mark Urbin

Bowling Pins Menorah

bowling pins hanukkah menorah

Image: Benjamin