The Death Star for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is round the corner and preparations are on in full swing. Give your Christmas tree an added punch this season with the Death Star ornament.

The Christmas tree is the attention grabber in all homes. From children to grand parents all are busy making preparations with stars, baubles and cookies to dress up the tree. How about getting a little more creative? We all use glitters, ribbons, and a whole lot of store bought trinkets for decoration. Be a little different this time and make a Death Star for the tree. You may or may not be a Star Wars fan but the ‘star’ is definitely going to attract your attention.

Many might say that it is not related to Christmas but creativity has no boundaries. If a particular ornament looks good it can be definitely used as piece of adornment. And so why not the Death Star? And the best part is that you can create one for yourself. All that you need are a whole bunch of Lego blocks, a willing mind and a patient heart. I say a patient heart because creating anything worthwhile takes effort and time. These are qualities which only a tolerant person can achieve.

Before you get your blocks there is one piece of advice from the creator of this magnificent ‘star ornament’, Chris McVeigh. It would be reasonable and sensible to purchase blocks from the Lego ‘Pick a Brick’ store which allows you to get only those pieces that you require. So once you have the list of all the blocks needed order them and get ready. Detailed instructions are available on the maker’s website. Pick each block carefully and follow every instruction with commitment. What you will end up with will be a prized possession which is sure to have you beaming from ear-to-ear.

So what is so special about this ordinary looking ball shaped object that so many people have inquired after it. One thing is for sure – being a part of a Star Wars movie itself gives it a reason to be popular. In the fictional series the Death Star is supposed to be space station as well as a super weapon which is almost the size of the moon. It is so destructive that one single beam from it can destroy an entire planet.

Though destructive in films this star will be perfectly peaceful when suspended from a Christmas tree branch and will be sure to add on to the beauty of every other trinket. Merry Christmas!

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Via: Brothers Brick