Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Attack Hoodie

With the incredible popularity of games and moves that fall into the zombie genre, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more schwag based on the fun, too. In that vein, this zombie attack hoodie fits perfectly. I mean you’ll be ready for anything when the apocalypse comes, and you’ll fit right in with all of the rugged and wounded survivors who haven’t been turned yet (although judging by the look of the neck, maybe you’re supposed to look more like one of the zombies).

No one fights through wave after wave of undead masses without a few battle scars, and the hoodie provides them for you nicely. You’re a bit worse for wear, to be sure. Those zombie pickpockets have already gotten their bloddied prints on your hoodie pockets, and gouged a slash across your back that was deep enough to go to the spine. If you managed to survive that, then the chunk of missing skull along with a few brain portions shouldn’t really bother you too much. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do math anymore, but who really needs that anyway? Except maybe to count ammunition..yeah you better get that looked at. Not by a zombie doctor, mind you. At $59.99, the hoodie is a steal since money will have no value soon enough, anyway.

The hoodie is made of charcoal grey full zip 100% cotton, so you should fit right into the ruined urban landscape. The cups are ribbed and the zipper pull comes equipped with a bio hazard symbol. Appropriate, right? Make sure to pay attention to washing instructions, though, as it will shrink if you wash it in warm water or dry it on hot. If you’re gonna do that anyway, order a size up. For other zombie goodness, check out this zombie wedding cake or perhaps you’d like something a little more permanent like this zombie homer simpson tattoo.