4th Amendment Underwear: Protest Aggressive Security Measures

To minimize security risks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented aggressive pat-down techniques and full body scanners for flight passengers. This move has been met by a mixed reaction with people either supporting the controversial security measure or opposing it. Youtube hosts a video of a man walking through the security check at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix sporting a Speedo underwear and “I hate TSA” written on his back. The TSA supporter video has received more than 11,000 page views since it debuted on the video sharing website. There is a cross section of society that hates the idea of an invasive security check. Debates have ensued on TV networks, the print media, and the internet whether these new security measures from the TSA are indeed necessary. If you feel strongly against this, then the 4th Amendment wear from Cargocollective.com is probably the perfect way to protest the invasive security measure.

Advertising executives Tim Geoghegan and Matthew Ryan came up with the idea of sporting underclothes that would let TSA authorities know, albeit in a peaceful and tongue in cheek manner, that their pat-down body search technique is not very welcome. The two creative executives decided to imprint in a metal based ink on innerwear that would show up on scanners. The type needed to reflect the mood of the person being searched and so the two creators came up with the phrase, “Read the 4th Amendment Perverts.”

If a person is being strip searched or has to undergo a body scan, the phrase would be visible to the authorities. The 4th Amendment wear includes underclothes that quote the entire Fourth Amendment of our Constitution. For kids, a non-metallic version is available where the phrase is imprinted in normal dye.

Tim Geoghegan and Matthew Ryan created the 4th Amendment line not to mock the security personnel. They realize the importance of adequate security measures. The inner wear line has been created to raise a question on how much the privacy of an individual can be compromised for safety and security.

4th Amendment wear has already tasted initial success with a sell out of the line on its first run. The very vocal internet community too has played its part with bloggers giving their thumbs up to the concept. The creators are now looking out for a company that could handle the manufacturing of the 4th Amendment inner line on a large scale.

To check out the 4th Amendment wear log on to Cargocollectiove.com.

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