Watch Without a Face

Ever since we started carrying cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic gizmos in our pockets, the common wrist watch has seen a decline in practicality.  However, this strange curiosity might just inspire you to strap one on your wrist for the sheer novelty of it.

Here we have “Eye of the Storm” by Yiran Qian, featured on Gadgetking.   This minimalist wristwatch design makes us ask, “How much do we really need in a watch?”  Do we really need numbers, hands, or a even face?  The “Eye of the Storm” says no.  But by just looking at this picture below, you might wonder how such a thing could ever tell time.

The concept is based on the idea that you do not need to see the center face of a clock in order to tell the time – you only need to see where the hands are pointing.  You can determine the time by pressing a small button on the side that causes the hour and minute to light up like so:

two lights tell the time

From the two little lights, the time looks to be around 1:22.  The fatter light indicates the hour while the thinner light mimics the minute hand.

This extreme expression of minimalism was designed by Chinese-born, German-based product designer Yiran Qian.  Given the name “Eye of the Storm,” the watch symbolizes the fact that while a hurricane is chaotic and destructive, the eye is strangely calm and peaceful.  Likewise, the center of the watch is a void where nothing exists.

Watch without a face

This cool gizmo isn’t just for keeping people guessing how you are never late.  It was also developed for people who are sensitive to the metals used in watch construction.

Will the “Eye of the Storm” be the biggest trend in wristwatches since the “Swatch” in the 1980s?  Only time will tell about the way we tell time.

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