The Pool Table of the Future

Billiards, or pool, is one of those classic games that never gets old. Go to any big sports bar or lounge-type place and you’ll be sure to see at least one billiards table up for use. It’s an easy-to-learn, competitive game that looks classy and doesn’t take up too much room. But never has the game looked this classy. Designers Pierre-Marie Cronier, Marc-Antoine Aubert, Jean-Baptiste Deconinck, François Vercoutère, and Thomas Bailly completely redesigned the standard pool table with this beauty manufactured by Toulet.

Blacklight Pool Table 1

This steel and resin table looks like it came straight out of Battlestar Galactica, the classic green felt instead replaced with a solid black, set in a silver frame. The slick triangle designs add to the futuristic look, although I’m still unsure exactly why triangles and hexagons are always linked with futuristic design. The important thing is that this table is a beauty, and even does away with the legs for a more slick, streamlined design. It still maintains the key elements, but if you look at a picture of a standard pool table, you’ll really begin to notice the differences. If you closely check out the underside of this table, you’ll see that the orange web design also serves as a ball return.

Blacklight Pool Table 2

Blacklight Pool Table 3

Is that somehow not enough? Well, this wood-less table also has a jack for your MP3 player, allowing you to listen to the music you want without searching through (and paying for) songs on the jukebox. The internal lighting will also surely make this table look even more fantastic in a dimly-lit room, although it might end up drawing so much attention that you’ll be waiting in line for your chance at it. The table doesn’t appear to be on sale quite yet, but you can inquire about it at Toulet’s website. If this looks a bit out of your league, check out the more accessible Convertible Pool/Dining Table or some more slick Luxury Pool Tables.

Via: Yanko Design