Add a Spark to Your Table with the Bomb Lamp

Add a little bit of fun to your study table with the little Bomb Lamp. It is a lamp that looks like a bomb and gives enough light to make a comfortable study time. The best part is that it is a DIY project that you can undertake whenever you have a little time on hand.

With the Bomb Lamp you get the opportunity to create your very own bomb – a bomb that does not blow up but one that only emits light. Owning this bomb is a pretty easy thing since it is available online. Once you have it in your hands you can immediately start away with the task of assembling. All you need to do is detach all the pieces from the frame and put them together. Just by using a few tools, you will have created a handsome looking bomb in no time. Since the tools are not included in the pack you have to procure them on your own. This same thing applies for the bulb too. You could either go for an incandescent bulb or a CFL. CFL definitely helps save on electricity and bills. But if you want to have a cozy and warm effect the incandescent one would be a good choice. According to the manufacturers, a 12 watt CFL would be the ideal choice while a 40 watt would be good in case of an incandescent one.

The entire set is made of wood and comes in natural wood color. This could prove to be advantageous if you like to give your bomb some color. Splash your favorite shades on to the pieces and your very own customized Bomb Lamp would be ready. You could even get more than one piece and create different colored lamps for different rooms. Standing 25 cms high and 11 cms wide, it will perfectly fit in any corner.

The included lamp holder and wire has successfully passed the CE and UL certifications, making the product an absolutely safe-to-use one. Make sure your electrical installations are all in perfect order.

Like so many other objects, the bomb also has its own set of fan following. There are quite a few products that have been designed around the shape and design of bombs. These could range from eatable to containers and toys. In case of the table lamp, this is not the first time that a bomb shaped lamp has been presented to the world. And these lamps are not just electric ones but also oil lamps.

There is no end to designing and as we all know as long as a designer’s brains are working new product designs will keep emerging every day. For now, it is the Bomb Lamp. Certainly, there are many more to come.

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Via: Geek Cook