How to Braid Your Hair Into Gimli’s Beard

You know Gimli? The Dwarf? From Lord of the Rings? Son of Gloin? Portrayed by John Rhys-Davies? Well, he has quite an awesome beard in the movies, right? Well now, you can make your hair look like that exactly.

How? Well a bored middle school English teacher, Marcella Cinard, has turned herself into quite the Internet star, for geeks, LOTR fans and just for those who want to do something unique with their hair, by simply messing around with it for fun at home and later going like that to Teen Read Week back in October.

Braid your hair like Gimli


It’s not a very short road from having a perfectly normal set of hair before you turn into an angry, battle ax wielding dwarf, but it’s worth it if being original and Lord of the Rings-like is the thing for you.

You can download these directions here.

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