Tie the Knot the Nerdy Way

Festive times call for festive measures!  If you are a nerd, a geek, or a gamer, you probably already have a favorite character, movie or game you would love to turn into a full-fledged reality.  Now that more people are feeling free to let their inner Avatar run wild, they’re getting hitched and having hen and stag nights inside their beloved theme.  If you’re looking for a way to finally go Hog(warts)-wild, here are a few ideas to get the party going when it comes to planning your nuptials and attendant fetes.

Surround yourself with the goods



Creating an atmosphere of fun requires putting on the artifacts.  Try a Tardis booth or tent around your sign-in book.  Use your cake, your invitations, your place cards as points of interest. Some find the cake a perfect place for really embracing a theme wedding, like this crazy Star Wars Tauntaun Cake (perhaps not so appropriate, but don’t let me tell you).  Or if you’re not so graphic, an elegant one that hints at fantasy instead and incorporates the Star Wars theme tastefully by incorporating parts of the movie into your wedding cake such as a Han Solo and Leia cake topper. Some fan inspiration weddings are rife with specialty foods built in, like treating your guests to your very own Great Hall feast like Harry Potter’s cornucopia complete with homemade Butterbeer,Gillyweed made from gelatin worms and guests will love guessing the flavors in a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

Even your wedding rings can bring you into the experience.  For Lord of the Rings fans, this is a great opportunity to have some fun and incorporate your favorite film and literary classic into your big day. You can make “the One” ring yours with a bit of personalization and some good internet researching skills as there are many shops that create replicates of the famous piece of jewelry for  fans that share their love for the franchise. If you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, there are still great ways to incorporate your love for one another and your favorite “nerdy” obsession. You can find creative wedding rings with every single fandom theme  out there thanks to creative jewelers all over the Internet.

Get the atmosphere right

For many brides and grooms the day is all about their love for each other but it can also be about their love for Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. Incorporating a theme to your wedding can bring some originality but can also be difficult to pull off if not done right. Let’s just say this, if you’re putting a theme to your wedding design go full on. Get your Daenerys Targaryen on and stage your wedding in the woods with some of King’s Landing to your ceremony by adding some lux garden water fountains to get the feel of life as a Lannister.



DIY It and Get Everyone Involved

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding can be difficult even for the most creative brides. Incorporating a theme to your wedding is a great way to get some DIY action in as well. Crafts are in again, especially in the Steampunk tradition, like knitting your own gown, creating character headdresses, or wearing homemade swords and armour.  Everyone felt so satisfied and honored for chipping in!  Grab a tub of Legos and encourage your entourage to create small Super Mario Brothers guest table centerpieces for each table (let the kids do it)!  Draw up a treasure map of Middle Earth that gets you from the church to the reception hall.  Gather a hundred ideas from your friends by polling them first, and see what they volunteer to help with.  They may have brilliant ideas you can’t find yet online. Originality is premium.

In parting–in case you haven’t yet tackled that bit–don’t forget that you can have a nerdy proposal, as well.  Check out what this list from Buzzfeed can inspire that will entice your incredible partner to the church. Yes, even the ladies are proposing in the Alternate Universe. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and has contributed to several sites and blogs including Walyou. As an avid fan of Game of Thrones she loves finding great themed decor to use in her home and parties.