Mightiest Cake In Valhalla: Thor’s Helmet And Mjolnir

We’d call Thor anything but sweet, yet here he is, in the form of the most kickass groom cake in the world. Bring the Valkyries, for tonight we feast!


Someone at Cake Central was inspired, we can confirm that much. And inspiration and talent lead to good things, such as this incredible Thor groom cake, where we can appreciate both his Mjölnir and helmet. The question is, can the Mjölnir be lifted, anyways?

The attention to detail is impressive, as we can appreciate both the inscription on the hammer and the leather wrapping. That’s going the extra mile, and that’s the type of thing that makes this cake so damn cool. We’re definitely looking forward the next project. Maybe, if we’re nice, they’ll even let us taste it.

Via: That’s Nerdalicious

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