3d Printed Case For Raspberry Pi Themed After NES: Geek Overload

The fact that the Raspberry Pi comes so bare-bones (doesn’t even need a case!) means the only thing stopping modders is their imagination. But don’t take our word for it, check out this incredibly sweet piece that proves it!


Talk about creativiyy! Tastic007, from Thingiverse calls his case NinTastic, which is a NES-themed case with a flap that opens upward like the classic console, meant to house the powerhouse that is the Raspberry Pi. He even modded the SD card so it’d  look like a NES cartridge, which is what we call commitment. The ports are all accessible from either the back or side of the “console”. See more pictures below!



If you were to decide you want your own, just check this handy tutorial at Thingiverse.

Source: Technabob

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