Comic Book Superheroes as Manatees

If there’s one animal on this planet that thinking about it takes you to the furthest possible place away from superheroics, it has to be the manatee, right? Slow, dumb and fragile, it would make the most awful character, if anyone was mad enough to base a superhero on it.

But artists go wild sometimes, and imagine who fit and muscular superheroes would look like as fat guys and gals. And what about a manatee version of them? Taking it too far? Not if it looks freaking cool.

IMO – Out of the super six we’ve got below, Batman would probably make the worst manatee superhero. Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover.

Captain America – Captain Amerinatee

Superman – Super Man-atee

Spider-Man – Spider-Manatee

Flash – Flashatee?

Wonder Woman – Wonder Manawoman

Batman – Manabat

This crazily awesome art is by Joel Micah Harris. For a bit more fat-like twist on famous characters, check out Video Game Heroes Turned Into Fat Gamers. And now, let’s continue…

Green Lantern – Greenatee Mantern

Hulk – Manateek? Huanatee?

Thor – Manahor?