Video Game Heroes Turned Into Fat Gamers

Once retired, video game heroes tend to neglect any form of exercise or healthy eating, resorting to expected video game addiction and junk food diet, resulting in screen legends turning into those who play with them – Fat Gamers.

Fat Mario

Mario’s always been on the chunky side of the weights, so it’s no surprise that after quitting questing and taking up the life of a gamer, he’s hitting rock bottom.

Obese Link

Link never had to discipline to keep his waist line in check, but all that walking and fighting made up for his excessive eating, until now.

Beefy Pac-Man

At least some of the things pac-man had to eat during his running away through mazes were a part of the health food family. Since his exiting the TV screen, the sodas have been killing his already roundish figure.

Blimpy Sonic

It’s not just the lack of a healthy diet. It seems like Sonic has been spending too much unprotected time in the sun.

The Whole Fat Gang Together

Pikachu and Mega-man don’t look too hot either.

A Wider Angle, Explaining a few Things

Art by Frank Graetz