13 Cute & Creative 3D Bags

The people behind Etsy shop Krukrustudio have one goal in mind: fill the world with handbags and backpacks that look, well, like nothing you expect to see in an item designed to carry other items in it.

If it’s looking like something you’d eat, play music on or actually read, these handmade creations of bags that look like everyday items need to become something everyone walks around with.

The Dalek Bag

The Dalek Bag

Inevitably Followed by a TARDIS one


The Instagram Icon Bag

The Instagram Icon Bag

The Rubik Cube You Can’t Solve

Rubik Cube Bag

Walking Around With a Streetcar Named Desire

Streetcar Named Desire

A Banana Bag

Banana Bag

The Violin Bag

Violin Bag

A Steinway Piano Bag

Steinway Piano Bag

Walking Around With a Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove Bag

Gasoline Bag

Gasoline Bag

With the price of gas continuously rising, I’d be afraid someone might snatch this from my back if I was carrying it.

Watering Can Bag

Watering Can Bag

It would be truly cool if someone walked around with that and water inside.

The Carrot Bag

Carrott Bag

A Jar of Homemade Jam

A Jar of Aprictot Jam

Comes in Apircot, Raposberry and blueberry.

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