Cyvasse: Fictional Game from Game of Thrones is a 3D Reality

They may not be traders from Volantis, but thanks to Ill Gotten Games, A Song of Ice and Fire’s popular game cyvasse is now very much a reality.

First appearing in George R. R. Martin’s fourth installment, A Feast for Crows, cyvasse is a fictional board game that Martin has described as being “a bit of chess, a bit of blitzkrieg, a bit of stratego. Mix well and add imagination.”


 And that’s exactly what creators Arian Croft and Nate Stephens did with the help of a 3D printer. Through the aid of modern technology and a touch of inspiration, Martin’s amalgamation has been brought to life to the delight of fans everywhere.


Following the descriptions of the game found within the books, Croft and Stephens used ABS—a durable and somewhat flexible petroleum based material—as the basis for each side’s twenty seven pieces. As described in the book, cyvasse is played with a screen, similar in concept to Battleship, allowing each side to set up their boards in secret.


Following the colour-coding of a classic game of chess, the pieces have been printed and then painted in black and white. Along with the numerous pieces that includes the famous dragon (the most powerful in the game), spearmen, trebuchets, and mountains (to name a few), a simple rule book has been created, available here,


Although you might not be setting wagers against Tyrion Lannister to pass the time on the Shy Maid, this gorgeous and clever creation is sure to be a geeky addition to any game night. For those so inclined, Croft and Stephens have made the game available for download and printing.   You can find a complete gallery and of course the game here.

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