20 Deadliest Animals on the Planet

Tiger with a StickImage via: TimesofIndiaCo

We love animals, but don’t always treat them right. Related or not, there are plenty of deaths caused by animals each year, which might or or might not have to do with how well we’ve been treating nature over the years.

Green SnakeImage via: Youtube

And while it’s sexy to blame animals like sharks, crocodiles and snakes for most ‘death-by-animal’ cases, truth is it’s far less physically impressive and imposing animals that cause the most harm to human beings.

Great WhiteImage via: Wikipedia

20. Sharks: On average, sharks are responsible for only 10 deaths per year, although there are a lot more shark attacks. Yes, these ancient creatures have a pretty gruesome reputation, but out of more than 470 shark species, only 4 are responsible for the majority of attacks on human beings: Great white shark, Oceanic whitetip shark, Tiger shark and Bull shark.