10 Awesome Cycling Gadgets That Make Riding Easier

Thinking of how to make your cycling experience even more memorable? Why not get value-for-money cycling gadgets that will make your next cycling trip safer, easier, and more convenient? Check out our top 10 picks for you and pick out the perfect one:

Blaze Laserlight

When you’re too engrossed in cycling, sometimes you don’t notice it’s already dark.During night time, accidents can happen and you need to watch out. Blaze Laserlight is just the practical cycling gadget to have. It shows up under headlights and streetlamps, giving you the guarantee of safe distance between you and everyone else.

Linka Smart Bike Lock

It is definitely much a hassle to lock and unlock your bike when you gotta make a quick stop for an errand. But then, you’re worried your bike might get stolen, especially when it’s night time. Linka Smart Bike Lock is the perfect solution for your bike’s security. It comes with a screeching 100 dB siren to attract everyone’s attention should any preying thief desire to steal your prized steed away.

Connected Smart Pedal

The Smart Pedal may look simple, but wait until you get a feel of how it is your your bike with this pedal. It is complete with GPS features—once you’ve started pedaling, the sensors activate and record where the bike is heading to. It can incline and measure the speed, offering the rider a documentation of his journey. Imagine just how hard you’ve pushed yourself when you’re riding up the hill? The data are all contained in the pedal, so there’s no need to bring your phone with you on every ride.

CamelBak Podium Ice Bottle

The CamelBak Podium Ice Bottle comes with Aerogel Insulation that will maintain the coolness of your water 4x longer compared to any regular gym squeeze, making it ideal for summertime. It is BPA-Free, boasts of a spill-proof, self-sealing Jet Valve technology. Its ergonomic lockout makes your transport, even on the toughest terrain, leak-proof.

USB Rechargeable Headlight

The Blitzu Cyborg 168H Bike Headlight comes with a 50 micro-LED chips that releases up to 168 Lumens. It is very easy to install and you can attach it on your bike’s handlebar, the seat post or anywhere on the frame. You can also mount this one in front of your helmet and you will have your guide to safety as you traverse even at night.  Compared to other bike lights, Cyborg is bigger and brighter offering more visibility and safety as you hit the road!

Scosche BoomBOTTLE H2O Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Black Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker comes in your water cage. It is splash and mud proof and if you ever get soaked in the water, it will also float. You can play it as loud as you want with its 50mm up-firing speaker and passive subwoofer that releases very clear audio and improved acoustics. Its rechargeable lithium polymer battery could last up to 11 hours of continuous music playback.

Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor for iPhone, Android and Bike Computers

Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor lets you keep track of and capture real-time speed, cadence and distance on your iPhone, Android, and bike computer, easily connecting through Bluetooth. It’s lightweight, easy to install and connects to any bike.


The BikeSpike is another must-have when you’re thinking of your bike’s security. This small accessory is mounted to your bike through a custom water bottle holder, and packs a GPS chipset, cellular antenna, and accelerometer into its small black body.  It’ll let you keep track of your bike in real-time, establish safe zones and will alert you if you tread farther than what your zone limits permit. If you think someone’s going to tamper your bike, BikeSpike will be there to alarm you.

Helios Bars

Helios Bars let you transform any bike into a smart bike! With its unique features like GPS tracking and built-in front-and-rear-facing LED lights, riding will be a more enjoyable experience for you. Helios Bars are available in straight, bullhorn and drop bar styles.

Ohuhu Rust-Proof Bicycle Basket

When your backpack is heavily loaded with stuff and you need extra space , the Ohuhu rust-proof bicycle basket is an ideal purchase. It’s a plastic coated steel construction, weatherproof and rust-proof. It’s very easy to install with its handlebar hooks and a Velcro strap.

Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

Stay connected to your phone even when you’re cycling with the Taotronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder. Its non-slip rubber grip guarantees that your device would be far from any accidental falls. It is also convenient to install and remove, and with its size, any device from 1.97-3.94 inches would perfectly fit.