Keep Everything Tidy with the DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer & Card Case

Until everything we use will be wireless, we either have to get used with messy desks full of cables, or turn to this DIY AT-AT cable organizer and card case.

Star Wars merchendise (as well as anything inspired by George Lucas’ space saga) sells like hot pancakes anyway, so there wasn’t really a need for a new movie to come out for geeks to buy anything that resembles even remotely something from the original trilogy. The product in question, a DIY AT-AT cable organizer and card case that’s currently available on Walyou Deals is not only a joy to look at, but also something very functional, as it keeps you from having a messy desk by putting all of your cables in order. On top of that, it arrived just in time for both the holidays and the next episode of the Star Wars saga.

DIY kits bring both kids and grown-ups a lot of joy, as they start with what initially look like random pieces, and end up with the pictured product which they can proceed to use immediately. The AT-AT cable organizer and card case is delivered as a flat-packed DIY kit, so turning it into a four-legged All-Terrain walker is your job. Moreover, since it’s made out of plain high-grade plywood and basswood, you can even proceed to painting it in your favorite colors. Truth be told, the AT-ATs in the Star Wars movies were of a dull gray, but nothing can stop you from getting creative there.

Putting it together really is an effortless task, as an instructions manual is included, along with all of the nuts and screws you could possibly need. Even though the instructions manual is in Chinese, the pictures it includes are pretty straight-forward.

It’s up to you how you want to use it, as it can hide wires, surge protectors, and even remotes in its wooden body. Not only that, but the DIY AT-AT cable organizer and card case can be turned into a geeky home for business cards.

All in all, the DIY AT-AT cable organizer and card case can help you become a better person overall, as people who keep their things in order are known to be more productive. Add to that the geekiness factor of the product, and the amazing reactions that you’ll get from anyone seeing it, and you’ll notice that the price to pay for it isn’t that high at all, especially since there’s also a discount for this deal.

The DIY AT-AT cable organizer and card case can be purchased for $34.99 (originally $40) from Walyou Deals. Bear in mind that the offer expires within a day, so you need to act fast, if you need to keep the cables on your desk tidy and don’t mind a touch of classic Star Wars. By ordering it now at the discounted price, you also make sure that you get it just in time for Christmas. The product benefits from free shipping all over the continental US.

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