Samsung Techwin America Launches BrightVIEW Baby Monitor

After becoming a parent, nothing is more important than making sure that your baby is safe and sound at night. Samsung Techwin America’s newly launched BrightView baby video monitoring system can definitely help them in this department.

Samsung Techwin America, one of the Korean giant’s lesser known subsidiaries, is in fact a leader in such businesses as Robot & Control, Security, Industry, Defense, and Energy. While baby monitors are not something new in its portfolio, the company felt the need to expand this line, and announced the BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System.

“Today’s tech-savvy parents are looking for the latest innovations to comfortably monitor their children,” explained Richard Simone, Samsung Techwin America VP of Sales and Marketing. “With the BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System’s visual and audio advancements, we’re reaffirming our commitment to providing users with unmatched convenience and quality to ensure the safety of their children.

The new line features a portable 720p HD camera with a 5.0” LCD color touch screen that allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s movements even when they are away. The camera can be controlled quite easily using the monitor, which means that panning, tilting and zooming will provide a visual of the little ones from all of the available angles.

BrightVIEW baby monitor includes HD audio enhancements for two-way communication, meaning that the babies can be heard by the parents, who in turn can soothe them by cooing or singing lullabies. The fact that one of the parents goes out of town doesn’t mean that the baby has to feel his or her absent. To compensate for their absence, parents can playback one of the four pre-programmed lullabies that include such classics as Brahms Lullaby or Hush Little Baby. The included comforting night-light will help the toddlers slip into a pleasant dream even faster than they normally would, as it has a very calming effect over them. On top of that, the BrightVIEW monitor can remind new parents of the baby’s next feeding time.

Since Samsung Techwin is one of the big names in the surveillance industry, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the camera included in this baby monitoring system features night vision capabilities up to 16 feet, and Pure Digital Signal over the 2.4Ghz frequency for secure and interference-free video. Because of this technology, the monitoring system works at up to 900 feet with no interferences from wireless routers, microwave ovens or cordless phones.

The BrightVIEW Baby Monitoring System can include up to four cameras that can be either installed in four different rooms, or can be used to monitor four different infants in the same room. The kit can be purchased now from Kohl’s, Target and buybuy BABY (soon enough it should show up on Amazon, as well), with a starting price of $229.99. That’s not exactly a cheap baby monitor, but considering the technologies implemented in this one, the price is entirely worth it!

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