DIY Ninja Turtle Hat for Creative and Crafty Geeks

An entire generation has grown up watching Ninja Turtles take on the dark side of the world but still the rage and popularity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lives on.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, named after four popular renaissance artists, came into human world in 1980s as comic book series and over the time they evolved (they are mutants after all!) into cartoons, video games, films, real toys and other merchandise.  If you are a creative geek of other kind, keen to create a real ninja turtle look by donning handmade hat, then take a look at this DIY Ninja Turtle Hat.

ninja turtle hat1

To recreate handmade ninja turtle hat all that you need is green, white and red (you can choose color of your favorite ninja turtle) fleece, thread, pins, measuring tape, paper and sewing machine and a lot of patience with right skills. Once you have all the materials follow the detailed step by step instructions given here to make an awesome ninja turtle hat.

ninja turtle hat2

If you are an art instructor in school or college this can even be a good craft project, it will appeal to students who are into all kinds of video games and cartoons for ninja turtles are truly inspirational.

ninja turtle hat3

It must have taken artists a lot imagination, time and effort to create storyboard for the first Ninja Turtles adventure tale but their true creative genius lies in creating different emotional characters/personalities for these four turtles and naming them after renaissance artists.  So recreate it all in real fleece as an ode to the creative side of human mind.  Also do check out other 22 Ninja Turtle Gadgets, Art and Designs and while you recreate these designs and art you may also like to sip your coffee in Ninja Turtle Coffee Mug.