Ultimate Privacy with Nu-Ovo’s Eggshell Room

When you feel that you are surrounded by too many things and too many people, Nu-Ovo offers you the sought-after privacy.

Nu-Ovo, the name of this concept, is in fact a play of words, a combination between nuovo, which is Italian for “new” and uovo, which means egg in the same language. The room bearing this name was designed by Italian architect Paolo Maldotti to have the shape of an egg, with four fixed and four mobile parts that slide to close the egg completely. As seen in the below video, Nu-Ovo can turn out to be very versatile. It can easily accommodate a small library and a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge on which you could spend hours after hours reading.

Moreover, Nu-Ovo is big enough to fit a desk and a chair, fact that makes it perfect as an office. In such a micro-environment, you can work undisturbed and your productivity will certainly get improved. My only concern is whether the walls of the eggshell-like room are able to isolate exterior sound. Soundproof walls would make it a lot better, especially if you want to read or work in it.

The pod can also be placed in the bathroom. However, you need to decide whether you want it to host a hot tub or a shower room. Either way, it has plenty of room for both. You could also have one as a wardrobe, since it would provide a great way of viewing the clothes. According to the designer, Nu-Ovo has a weatherproof exterior, so it also represents a great place for relaxation, if you decide to place one or two of these by the poolside.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Nu-Ovo could also turn up in bars and lounges, as it has a great potential for being used as a private booth. If phone booths were still in use at a large scale, Nu-Ovo would have been a welcomed upgrade to the typical, boring design. As long as the TARDIS would not get redesigned as an egg, cause I don’t know if the Whovians would tolerate that.

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