Geek Chic 11 Eye Makeup Designs to Look Like a Superheoine

11 Eye Makeup Designs to Look Like a Superheoine

Make up by Syrin is a website that takes whatever Dawnielle, the founder, operater and pretty much everything you can think of, likes about anything in the world of fiction and especially comic books and turns it into actual designs and fashion ideas.

The best things about it? It’s not only just see-and-be-impressed blog. Syrin actually tells its readers how to  recreate any of her designs, to look like your favorite superheroine.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Eye

Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Delirium (The Sandman)

Phoenix (Jean Grey)

And the very different Dark Phoenix (Also Jean Grey)


Spider-Woman (Mostly Jessica Drew)


She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Even members from the hulk family like to look nice once in a little while.

Ms. Marvel (Carol Susan Jane Danvers)

A fusion of alien Kree and human genes that likes to put on makeup.


With a name like Jubilee, you have to look festive (and a bit like the Colombia – Venezuela – Ecuador flag) at all times.


For some reasons, ice-cold assasins need to wear eye makeup as well.

For a more extensive look at this very useful site, go here.

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