Fangamer Introduces Ace Attorney Objection! T-Shirt

Be guilty of looking awesome with this Ace Attorney Objection! t-shirt.

Ace Attorney Objection T Shirt by Maximo Lorenzo Fangamer image 1

When it comes to the celebration of video games through loveable clothing, one of the best in the business is Fangamer. Allow me to point you to exhibit A, a recent addition to their collection of wares that should delight fans of Ace Attorney.

It’s a new t-shirt centered upon the adventure game’s court-stopping catch phrase. Designed by Maximo Lorenzo, Fangamer’s Objection! t-shirt packs in as much love for Ace Attorney series and features a silhouette of that brilliant sleuth Phoenix Wright. Paired with the right pair of pants (I’m a shorts kind of guy myself), and you’ve got yourself a killer look.

Ace Attorney Objection T Shirt by Maximo Lorenzo Fangamer image 2

Ace Attorney Objection Pin by Maximo Lorenzo Fangamer image

As with most of their apparel, Fangamer sometimes pack in a little bonus with every item. Their cool like that. And with the Objection! t-shirt, its purchase comes with a 1” pin that’s a replica of the one Phoenix Wright wears. Pretty snazzy, but not legal proof that you can just walk into any courtroom and start being a lawyer. My imaginary lawyer advises against that.

The Objection! t-shirt and the pin can be yours right now for $23 USD.

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