The Complete Guide For Tokyoflash Watches

It’s not a secret that we here at Walyou love Tokyoflash watches. Over the years we have given you Tokyaflash sneak peeks, reviews and giveaways, so we thought it would only make sense if we put together the complete guide for these awesome watches. Presented below are all of the Tokyoflash models, up to date as of April 2014. This full guide will give you a glance on all of the watches.

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD Watch

This newest Kisai watch combines all of the simplicity of a digital watch with a cryptic, geometrically patterned display that camouflages time. Price$99.00

Kisai Quasar Silicone LCD Watch

Kisai Blade LED Watch

This beautiful inspired turbine-style LED watch display the time using a digital tube LEDs rotate like a propellor, pretty sweet. This watch carry some more nifty features such as a two time modes, date mode, alarm, light-up animation and is USB rechargeable. Price$169.00

Kisai Blade LED Watch

Kisai Seven LED Watch

This Tron looking watch features 2 pulsating rings of light and a futuristic design, this watch brings an ultra-modern look to what is essentially a regular watch.
Top qualities: Available with blue or white LEDs,USB rechargeable – connect to your computer,Weight: 60 grams,limited edition design. Price: $139.00

Kisai Denshoku Silver LED Watch

This colorful orange oriented watch was actually inspired by the neon skyline of Shinjuku. he Twelve light bars present the time in a simple, easy to read format.
Top qualities: Made from Aluminum, Energy saving mode, Water resistance: 3ATM, 3 year warranty. Price: $129.00

Kisai Spider Acetate White LCD Watch

As always Tokyoflash’s design is slick and chic, with a twist when it comes to read the time, at a first glance it looks complicated to read but once you know the “secret” its pretty easy and fun. On this specific model you can see the use of Transparent LCD which creates the illusion that time is floating on your wrist.  Price: $189Kisai Spider Acetate White LCD Watch

Kisai RPM Acetate White LED Watch

This watch is a limited edition variation of the original Kisai RPM LED watch. This pure white watch is simple to read and is also USB rechargeable via your computer. Top qualities: Acetate case and strap, stainless steel case back,USB rechargeable: unscrew & connect to your computer, Water resistance: 3ATM,One year warranty. Price: $159.00

Kisai Satellite Black LED Watch

This Satellite watch features three vivid halos of light illuminate which turns this simple concept watch to into a truly unique one. The best thing about this watch is its wrist band. Easy to read at a glance, Satellite’s display separates elements of time into distinct zones. Price: $99

Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch

This Kisai LED pocket watch is a limited edition one. The watch presents a futuristic take for the traditional pocket watches. The LCD display actually works with touch screen technology. The watch is available in 4 display colors. Price: $169

The Kisai Space Digits

Available in 5 different color combinations of silver, gold, black and green, this LCD watch is a Tokyoflash Japan limited edition design, which means that it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own. Price $129.00

The Kisai Space Digits- An Elegant Watch For The Future

Kisai Console LED Watch

This futuristic in style yet simple to read at a glance Kisai watch will make you feel like you are in the matrix.  Price $149

Kisai On Air Silver LED Watch

This Kisai watch is all about minimalism. The On Air Kisai watch is designed in a simple yet chic way making it one of the most attractive watch designs available from Tokyoflash Japan. Price: $159

Kisai Rorschach EPaper Watch

More than a tribute to Hermann Rorschach, the Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who developed the Rorschach inkblot test, Kisai’s E-Paper watch is a tribute to the main antihero in the graphic novel Watchmen, as demonstrated in this video Price: $199

Kisai Rorschach EPaper Watch

 Kisai Rogue SR2 LED Watch

Kisai Rogue SR2 is a limited edition LCD watch design that is a great fashion accessory. Available in green, blue, red or orange. Price: $159

Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

At first this watch seems hard to read, it appears to be a pictograph of lines and dots, however, once you learn the “secret” you can clearly see the digital time. Price $149

Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch

Featuring a brand new custom designed stainless steel case and strap, a cutting edge mirrored LCD display, time and date functions and an EL backlight for night time is the Kisai 3D Unlimited is like a regular digital watch in 3D! It is available in seven bright LCD color combinations. Price: $149

Kisai Maru Wooden LCD

Tokyoflash’s latest addition to its already great collection is a wooden wristwatch with an LCD display, called Kisai Maru. Kisai Maru is what smartwatches should look like. It combines circles and edges in a beautiful way, and people might think that the wooden case is contrasting the mirrored LCD display, but it’s quite the opposite. Price: $109.00

Kisai Maru Wooden LCD

Tokyoflash’s watches are pure awesomeness, I don’t think you need a upcoming holiday to buy them, any self declared geek-tech or just a gal or a guy that love innovative gadgets will L-O-V-E these watches. For more upcoming models and information on all of the watches above make sure to visit