Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Turquoise T-Shirt

Post-Christmas blues really kick in when I start reminiscing on the TV marathons: TBS’ annual 24-hour airing of A Christmas Story, Christmas cartoon specials, Godfathers I & II, Jack Frost, and who can forget the non-stop Star Wars? While the latter seems a bit unusual, I’ve noticed this Christmas that they started spending a lot more time on movies. Perhaps it’s because networks are starting to recognize the value behind movies and the Christmas break, perhaps it’s because a lot of shows take a break for the week. Either way, I’m very grateful for the chance to watch a lot of my favorite movies.

AMC was airing Back to the Future consecutively. From the day I found out, I saw it on for three days in a row, from 6PM – 8PM approximately. The sequels followed later on that night, but unfortunately I never had the time to follow through the entire trilogy in a single night. Nonetheless, Back to the Future is one of my personal favorites because of its science fiction tweaks and its humor. I guess it also carries a bit of sentimental value, as my parents always watched it with me as a child on random, lazy afternoons.

The DeLorean has become a classic icon for Back to the future, but without the flux capacitor the DeLorean is just another pretty-looking car.

Flux Capacitor

Image via: The Green Head

The flux capacitor is the hub of the time machine. It is the essential part and is what enables time travel, according to Doc Brown. I think that the flux capacitor would be around as recognized as the DeLorean would be, but then again I might be a bit too geeky to accurately comment on behalf of mainstream crowds.

Flux Capacitor Shirt

I haven’t gotten the chance to see the Flux Capacitor shirt in real life, but judging from the image this shirt seems a bit too dark to be turquoise. Asides from that, I think that the image is quite clear and the font bold enough to stand out. I would have preferred a variant of this that had turquoise and white font instead of the black, as I think it offers more contrast, but nonetheless this is a pretty cool shirt. Either those sleeves are wrinkled in the image, or the fit on this t-shirt will really define your arms, which is always a plus for the ladies. Bonus points if she knows what a flux capacitor is!

Back to the Future fans, you could get yourself one of these shirts for only $19.99, and you should also check out the DeLorean model or this flux capacitor replica.