WOWee ONE: A Perfect Companion to iPod and iPhone

The WOWee ONE is an awesome speaker that offers quick compatibility with iPod, iPhone and iPad.


This portable speaker is designed to deliver a full range frequency response ranging from mid to high frequencies. The Gel Audio™ driver incorporated in the WoWee ONE ensures an impressive extended low bass frequency response.

WOWee ONE is travellers’ delight as it is very small in size and thus is easy to carry. Just place it and experience an astounding acoustic performance as this speaker has the capability to convert any flat surface into a subwoofer.

To feel the magic of this small speaker, all you need to do is to place it on a solid surface with hollow spaces in between and then you can feel the musical clonk shaking your bodies, too!

You would require just an ordinary audio cable to connect the WOWee to the music player. The WOWee ONE can manage to accept a broad dynamic range of signal inputs with a built-in audio limiter.

WoWee ONE pink

The speaker if connected to a mobile phone lets the users easily attend conference calls. It can also be connected to a laptop for delivering business presentations.

Deriving power from inbuilt rechargeable battery, this music player has the ability to deliver 20 hours of playback. You can also charge the WOWee player via computer US or a USB Power adapter of Five volts.

There are a number of portable speakers in the market these days, but WOWe ONE is special in its own way. This distinguished speaker with its promising woofer like effect is sure to capture the market in no time.

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Via: WOWeeOne