14 Off-The-Wall Animal Rugs For the Lover (& Hunter) In You

Stuffed animals are not just for kids. When they come in the most unexpected forms like a rug, they can be bizarre enough to scare the bravest kids away and attract the craziest geeks. Cool, weird or scary – the answer lies in the eyes of the beholders.

Star Wars Wampa Rug


Fans of Star Wars must not forget Wampa – the giant bloodcurdling predator that kidnapped Luke Skywalker when he is in search for an imperial probe droid. With soft snowy fur, curved horns, sharp black claws and a toothy grin; the Wampa stuffed rug is a prominent home item to dominate your guests.

Elmo Skin Rug


Source: Once More, with Knitting

Now we know why we haven’t seen Elmo the Muppet on Sesame Street recently. It has obviously been kidnapped by a cruel crazy fan, cut apart  then turned into a rug.

Human Skin Rug


Source: Chrissy Conant

To exorcise a part of her psyche, Chrissy Conant made a life-sized, flesh-colored silicone rubber cast of herself as a human skin rug. 10 bucks for any unsuspecting guest to clean the feet on it.

Yeti Pampas Rug


Source: Debra Swann

According to the artist Debra Swann of London, her Yeti pampas rug “comes from a collision between the worlds of reality and fantasy”.

Demon – Spawnskin Rug


Created by an self-proclaimed monster-obsessed DevianART’s user called missmonster, the Demon-spawnskin rug can add style to your space and freak people out at the same time. The demon’s face, ears, claws and teeth are all hand sculpted and hand painted, while the head base is a foam taxidermy form.

Monster Skin Rug


Source: Neatorama

Made by Joshua Ben Longo from cashmere, the luxurious monster skin rug hides its sophistication behind a mixture of wit and palpatation-inspiring intimidation.

Beast Rug


Source: Punga & Smith

Wellington-based Punga & Smith introduced their quirky yet fabulous rug design, called Beast Rug, at Milan Furniture Fair ’09. Reminiscent of childhood memories of animal hide floor rugs, the rug gives us a warm feeling to know that no real animal was harmed in its making.

Bear Blanket Rug


Source: lise lefebvre

With nostalgia for traditional woven blankets and classic bear skin rug, Lise made this beautiful carpet out of recycled woolen blankets.

Bear Rubber Rug


Source: designboom

Inspired by the simplification of reality found in toys, Dutch designer Eelko Moorer designed the unusual bear skin rug which is cast from urethane rubber and weighs close to 50 kg. The rug can be mounted on the wall or used on the floor and comes in white, brown and black.

Leopard Skin Rug


Source: Coquette Faux Furriers

Go wild with this super sexy faux leopard skin rug lined with hot pink satin. The rug body measures approximately at 72 x 58 inches: long enough for one and wide enough for two.

Crocodile Skin Rug


Source: Kitschy Kitschy

There is no better way to reinforce your predator position than to have a crocodile lying flat on your fllor. That crocodile-skin rug is part of a taxidermy auction, guaranteeing that you’ll be the only person who owns one.

Cat Skin Rug


Source: Joshua Pablo Rosenstock

The cat skin rug looks so real that it will make you feel like caressing its soft skin. It’s unclear if the rug is made of real cat of not, but it can still break any cat owners’ hearts to imagine their cats in that position.

Rabbit Rug


Source: Morbid Tendencies

It seems like somebody has spotted a nice, happy stuffed animal, and viciously hunted then killed it to make a ultra cute rabbit skin rug.

Frog Rug


A giant frog can actually look cute when it comes in the form of a rug. The frog rug comes in bright green color and will be a perfect rug to decorate kids’ room.

Bonus: Gummy Bear Rug


You have to admit that gummy bear is not only an animal but also the tastiest animal we have ever known. The gummy bear rug, made by Yaya Chou, is a treat too delicious to be eaten.