Party In Westeros: Game Of Thrones Cakes

Partying in the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire can be dangerous… Even Dothraki weddings have to have a certain amount of deaths to be considered a good party.

Now, just look at what the Contemporary Cakes team did for the latest wrap party of Game of Thrones . It’s a fantastic cake featuring the Iron Throne on top of five other layers representing parts of the story. This came along with a whole set of cakes with the sigils of the houses that have appeared the most through the show’s 2 seasons: Direwolf for Stark, Dragon for Targaryen, Lion for Lannister, Stag for Baratheon, Trout for Tully and Kraken for Greyjoy. Man, we really can’t wait until we see more of house Tyrell and Martell from Highgarden and Dorne respectively…

Source: That’s Nerdalicious

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