GamePack Along – Travel Boy Carry On Luggage

Take your belongings and a dose of retro gaming nostalgia where ever you go, with this particular luggage from ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek Travel Boy luggage image 1

Luggage was portable long before gaming was – I think even the caveman had luggage – so it only makes sense for ThinkGeek to borrow the signature look of the Nintendo Game Boy for their latest product, the Travel Boy Carry On Luggage. Honestly, what better handheld gaming device to design a piece of luggage off, but with one so famously brick-shaped.

It’s also cutely named for an item that looks so lovingly similar to its inspiration – hmm, it would have been nice for ThinkGeek to depict a knowable GB game on the monochrome screen, like say Tetris or Kirby’s Dream Land, but for copyright reasons I respect their choice. Plus the airplane motif seems to fit what this thing is going for.

ThinkGeek Travel Boy luggage image 2

Let’s get off looks though, because looks aren’t they only thing the Travel Boy was made for, it also aims to do a good job at holding a reasonable amount your stuff as you travel abroad. You won’t even have to worry about airline carry-on restrictions and TSA nonsense, because the Travel Boy was specifically made with that in mind.

Even if by some loony circumstance they won’t allow the Travel Boy onboard, the luggage’s shell is made from a blend of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene to help guard against the elements. Basically, for anyone who wasn’t paying attention in chemistry class (guilty), it’s a sturdy plastic that’s lightweight, has a good impact rating, and can be heat resistant.

ThinkGeek Travel Boy luggage image 3

Inside, the Travel Boy includes a zippered divider and elastic bands to manage and hold together all your personables. There’s even a big zippered pouch that might look like it would be perfect for an iPad or laptop. And once you’re all packed up, there’s an telescoping handle that pops out and wheels located on the bottom to help roll your way to your next destination.

Right now the Travel Boy goes for $69.99(USD), and if you’re looking for a snappy travel companion that can double as an instant gamer identifier among the crowds, then head on over to ThinkGeek. I’m thinking this carry on would be awesome for my future (read: in my dreams) trips to Japan, where I stock up and bring back Famicom and SNES carts.

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