VW T6 Concept Designed with Workaholics in Mind

Work would definitely be less stressful if the things we saw outside the window changed all the time. Not to mention that in a mobile office there isn’t much space for bosses.

Designed by Alexander Zhukovsky, this Volkswagen T6 mobile office concept is not exactly new. In fact, the concept won the Best Lifestyle Interior at Interior Motives Design Awards 2008. Even five years later, this vehicle for workaholics looks futuristic. Obviously, there are a few things the designer could not have anticipated, but in case VW ever decides to make such a car, it would probably implement the latest technologies.

It might be a simple coincidence, but I keep stumbling upon VW concepts and it looks to me like this automaker gets more love from designers than its direct or indirect competitors. On top of that, each Volkswagen concept seems to serve a different purpose. Some were imagined like hovercrafts, while others, such as the mobile office in discussion, are supposed to bring incredible changes to our lifestyle, by enabling us to work more (productively?), even when traveling.

The mobile office includes two pods that are held together by a central hinge. As the designer puts it, this concept was created for the big city. My only objection is that this VW T6 looks gigantic, and what I’d really like to see in big cities are small cars. Pretty much like this one.

The redesigned wheels, which revolve around the two pods, would work well only on perfectly smooth roads. The boardroom-on-wheels would have real problems anywhere but in the metropolises. As far as the target audience is concerned, the designer suggests the T6 concept would be perfect for people working in health care, business consulting, insurance, legal, financial service, real estate, and marketing.

While some people think that the design should rather be used for a mini recreational vehicle that makes people keep their minds off work, I must admit that I wouldn’t dislike spending a few hours a day in such a vehicle.

As mentioned before, I think that Alexander Zhukovsky did not take all possibilities in consideration when designing the T6 concept. For example, self-driving cars are on the rise, and providing that the VW T6 would be one of these, the front pod that provides room for the driver would have to be redesigned.

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