14 Geeky Yet Sexy Swimsuits & Bikinis

Summer is just around the corner. Happy times, because it doesn’t matter if you’re a geek or not, girls are going to be wearing minimal clothing pretty soon. Maybe they already are, but despite the record temperatures measured in March across the United States, it’s still not time to take out your old bikini out of the closet.

As always with geeks, strange things turn them on. Like a girl with painted buttons on her swimsuit. Or a bikini with some vigilante superhero logo. Or a Linux Penguin for crying out loud. Luckily, plenty of girls find it sexy to wear as well, catering to our perverted nerdy minds.

Going Swimming With R2-D2

And C-3PO

The Gryffindor Bikini

I wonder if girls at Hogwarts actually wear this.

Linux on the Volleyball Sand

For the Zombie Lovers

Harley Quinn Bikini

Solar Powered Bikini

The Wonder Woman Bikini

I’m not sure this is any more revealing than her usual day to day crime fighting, world saving outfit.

For Batman Fangirls

A Super Bikini

Apparently, it doesn’t work without the Clark Kent glasses.

Darth Vader With a Pink Floyd Touch

Old School Gamers

Game Boy Swimsuit

Jaws Swimsuit

Don’t concentrate on the girl, concentrate on who the shark is trying to eat.