Geeky Igloo Made from Books

After living in several cities, I have understood the real meaning of ‘home is where the heart is.’

With that in mind, if you took a look at Miler Lagos’ installation titled “Home”, you would realize that he must be a real bookwork who likes to bury himself under a heap of books. The installation resembles an igloo and looks stable enough to spend a few quiet hours.

The igloo has been constructed after carefully stacking several books in an orderly manner. The compact dome is entirely self-supporting and the sculptural installation was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year. While there is little information about the project or the installation other than what I just revealed, I believe it says a lot about those who love books and seems to be dedicated to book lovers across the world.

With the advent of eBooks and tablets, less people purchase books and slowly over a period of time, book purchases have reduced in percentage. For those of us who still love reading books in their original tangible form, this installation seems to express all those feelings and emotions that are often left unexpressed. You could also go ahead and read about the Avant-garde Skateboard Sculptures, which we had featured sometime back. Jud Turner’s Reliquary is another installation that piques your emotions.