21 Geeky Wallets for the Stylin’ Techie

In the area of credit and debit cards, what matters is not how thick your wallet is, but how cool it looks. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on any overpriced designer wallet to impress your friends. Instead, with a little bit of creativity and geekiness, you can easily manage yourself one crazy wallet that can draw attention in any wallet competition. You can check out the list of 21 geekiest wallets below for inspiration.

Transformers Chain Wallet

Transformers chain wallets are designed to capture the hearts of fans of both good and bad clans: Autobots chain wallet comes with the Autobots logo in red on the jet  black background, while Decepticons chain wallet features the Decepticons logo in purple on black background with white decal underneath. Both wallets have the standard cardholders and a clear space for an ID card. Both are available at $18 each.

Marvel Superheroes Chain Wallet

Let the superheroes take care of your cash and cards with these marvel superheroes chain wallets. They come in 3 different designs: the Marvel Superheroes Chain Wallet features Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman; the Punisher Chain wallet  features the Punisher and the Spiderman chain wallet features, uhm, Spiderman. The wallets are up for grab at $12.99 each.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Wallet

Acclaimed as the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’ by the Guinness Book of World Records, Batman: Arkham Asylum deserves a wallet design of its own. The Batman: Arkham Asylum wallet is a tri-fold wallet made of pure black leather. It has an eye catching, raised, metallic batman logo paired with a 15-inch long steel chain that can be attached to your belt.

Cassette Tape Batman Wallet

An old Batman comic book and an old cassette tape can turn your childhood reminiscence into something contemporarily cool, and that’s exactly what Maximilian did. His awesome handmade Batman cassette wallet is cleverly disguised as an ordinary cassette tape which frees it from the possibility of being coveted by any potential thugs.

Joker Wallet

Image Source: FashionablyGeek

Without Joker, Batman wouldn’t be as half as interesting. This wonderful Joker-themed wallet is the least we can do to honor the Oscar-worthy performance of the  late actor Heath Ledger.

Spiderman Wallet

Image Source: RedGage

It would be unfair if Batman is there and Spiderman is not. Despite its extremely good look, the owner of this Spiderman wallet away because, according to him, it “ was a blaring call for everyone in the store to turn their attention to me”.

Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets

Image Source: Geekologie

Those who were grown up in 70s, 80s, 90s can easily identify these colorful wallets as they might very well feature their favorite TV program: Sesame Street. Each has a character on the front, with 6 slots for your cards and a pocket for your money and receipts. They are for sale at $13 each.

Nitendo Game Boy Wallet

With millions of crazy fan boys around the world, Nintendo must have many tricks to capture the hearts of their users, and this Nintendo Game Boy Wallet is one of them. Made up of pure leather, this wallet has an extra layer of leather with a design of painted Game Boy. The Super Mario Land Start Screen has been stitched on the outer side of the wallet which gives it a genuine look.

Nintendo NES Controller Wallet

Image Source: upsidedownfrown

Here comes another wallet to pay homage to the classic Nintendo. The Nintendo NES Controller wallet is made up of a simple duct tape silver background. This ultra slim wallet is big enough to hold your cash with 2 inner pockets to hold your business cards, credit cards and your subway pass.

Handmade SNES Cartridge Wallet

With the popularity of Nintendo NES, Super NES seems to be something of the past. Nevertheless, it still holds an important place in the heart of early generation of gamers. If there is still one SNES hidden somewhere in your closet, you can make a cool retro wallet out of it with sufficient room for money and keys and also an ID faceplate on the front.

Lego Wallets

These Lego wallets justify that you can use Lego bricks to create everything, even wallets. They are uniquely handmade by Color By Numbers using of colorful bricks of white, yellow, black, lime, orange, blue, green, red and brown, all new and glued together to make the wallet durable.

Pac Man Wallet

Image Source: Geeky Gadgets

Even though it’s doubtful how the little Pac-man can protect your belongings, it’s still cool to have this Pac Man wallet around to show off your geekiness. You can get it online for $17.

Atari Wallet

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbpq8NEWxYc

Video Source: Jorymon Techblog

The video features an incredible project that took almost 5 years to complete. It’s made from original Atari 2600 video games, making them into wallets using every original piece inside excluding the screw.

Tetris Duct Tape Wallet

Image Source: Gearfuse

It would be unfair if all classic games have been mentioned and Tetris is missed out. This Tetris wallet was made of duct tape by Etsy’s KMC Designs. Theoretically, you can remove the individual Tetris pieces on the face of the wallet and make your own design, but the maker of the wallet says that the pieces might lose their stickiness if you play with them too much.

Crossword Wallet

Image Source: arare_nana

The idea of being able to kill time with a crossword game while waiting for your turn to pay the bill at an over-crowded Saturday supermarket is kind of cool, but you wouldn’t want to dirt this stylish yet geeky black and white wallet.

License Plate Wallet

Image Source: Seanlax5

Hope that this license plate wallet, originally from Pennsylvania, is not made of metal as it seems to be. It wouldn’t be kind of uncomfortable to put it inside your back pocket if it is.

Real Cash Wallet

Image Source: Stranger World

Even though the wallet looks really cool, it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry it around. A bunch of 100 notes on the cover seems to shout to every thief: “Dude, I have a lot of money, and it’s all available for pick-pocket.”

Bacon Wallet

Money can be really delicious with this bacon wallet. It’s made of brown leather decorated with bacon stripes outside to celebrate Bacon Day.

Blue Denim Wallet

This is one of rare geeky wallets that are designed especially for girls. Made of blue old school denim, the wallet comes with paired handbag. The vinyl-trimmed wallet has a sport for license and credit cards, a magnetic closure, and two zippered areas to keep your cash and coins i.

Aluminum Hard-Side Wallet

This extremely manly wallet is made of aluminum in mighty black color. The hard case wallet is available for everyone at $44.99.

Blank Cassette Wallet

The upside: The blank cassette wallets look retro with an interesting design. They are handmade and each one is unique.  The downside: It may be a little difficult to be used, as it wouldn’t be flexible like leather. Moreover, there does not seem to be enough space for all the cards and cash you may want to keep. So, do you want to pay a steep $43 for it?