10 Geeky Aprons For a Special Kind of Cooking

If you wanna cook for your man (or maybe you don’t mind wearing feminine aprons if you’re a guy) and make him feel like his comic book/video game dreams have come to life, you better get yourself one of these.

Stirring Pots Like the Joker

The Joker

Whatever you do, when wearing this apron, please refrain the urge to try and poison the people you’re cooking for.

Cooking Like Batgirl

Batgirl Apron

Is she even a good cook you would like to resemble?

Being a Superwoman in the Kitchen

Superwoman in the Kitchen

I=Super Mario Apron For Italian Nights

Super Mario Apron


Link Apron

The best of Hylian cooking.

Channeling Your Crazy Through Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Nothing like adding a little more instability to the kitchen, but I’m also pretty sure queens don’t cook their own food.

The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat

For those who have a tendency to disappear.

Being Jane Jetson

Jane Jetson Apron

I’m not sure she ever cooked on that show, but she could sure press some buttons.

Pee Wee Herman in the Kitchen

Pee Wee Herman Apron

These aprons are all available at Bambinoamore on Etsy, and when you see the price, you’ll probably think once or twice about actually cooking in them.

If cooking like you’ve gone to the Dark Side is the thing for you, checking out this Dark-Side apron should be the thing for you.