16 Must-Have Geeky Keychains

Geeks who take their obsession seriously need to have their favorite book / TV show / Film series in their life all the time, which means that when you open a door or start your car, you need to be reminded of what’s really important by a super cool key chain.

The Hogwarts Shield Keychain

The Hogwarts Keychain

The One Ring Keychain

One ring keychain

Boba Fett & Han Solo Fans Open Doors With These

Boba Fett & Han Solo

A Song of Ice and Fire Keychain

Asoiaf Keychain


Or a bit more Character Specific

Mother of Dragons Keychain

For People Who Eat at Los Pollos Hermanos (Breaking Bad)

Los Pollos Hermanos Keychain

Serenity Keychain Now!

Serenity Now

Borg (Star Trek) Cube Keychain

Borg Cube Keychain

The Keys to the TARDIS

The keys to the Tardis

A Bloodslide Keychain to Take Your Mind off the Awful Finale


Hunger Games Fans Want This One

District 12

The Sherlock Holmes Keychain

221b keychain


If You Remember the X-Files, This is for you


For Battlestar Galactica Fans

Battlestar Galactica Keychain


For the Bluth Family Fans

Arrested Development Keychain


Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas


Via: A’s Lists

For a bit more of the geeky – key chain mix, check out these cool Darth Vader and R2-D2 versions, or this one for Dr. Who fans.