VapeCube Brings Together e-Smoking and the Nintendo Gamecube

E-smoking devices are now available in various shapes and sizes, so the ones who quit traditional cigarettes can choose from e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars and even e-hookahs shaped like Nintedo’s GameCube.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic devices for vaping seem to be less harmful, since the inhaled vapors of the latter don’t contain the deadly mix of 7,000 substances found in the former. Still, e-cigarettes and similar devices still deliver a small quantity of nicotine, which whether you like it or not, is still classified as a drug. Some countries who had previously banned traditional cigarettes allow e-smoking, while in other parts of the world, e-cigs have been banned as well (Michael Bloomberg banned e-smoking, in one of his last acts as the mayor of NYC a few days ago). Guess it’s now time to disguise vaping devices as vintage video gaming consoles. This VapeCube definitely looks inconspicuous from several points of view.

Nebula Vaping Lounge, the e-smoking equipment retailer who manufactured the VapeCube, definitely hit a soft spot with this design. As seen in the above picture, the e-hookah comes with 4 hoses and 4 atomizers. Underneath the case there are 4 batteries powering each of the atomizers, so 4 people can use it simultaneously. Besides the decommissioned GameCube case that houses the batteries and the e-liquid, another detail that makes the VapeCube look great is the different coloring of the hoses. That way, people will know which hose they have used, in case they need to leave the table at some point.

Could the VapeCube ever appeal to Turkish people or the ones living in parts of the world where hookahs are a significant part of the culture? Probably not, as the nations where hookahs are used tend to be rather conservative. That shouldn’t be a problem for the designers of the VapeCube. Since it is mass produced, a lot of nostalgic gamers will probably step over each other’s feet to get one, regardless if they smoke or not.

The VapeCube v1.0 is available on the Nebula Vaping website in two versions: a wired one costing $199 and a wireless one costing $229. No matter which one you will choose, it will come with the e-liquid that you prefer. If, for any reasons, you think that this GameCube e-hookah is too big, you can always try the Nintendo controller e-cigarettes.

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