Geeky Painted Headphones Featuring Doctor Who, Zelda and More

Groove to the sounds of your favorite music in true geeky style with these cool, hand-painted headphones.

Doctor Who headphones by ketchupize

Wearing headphones means a lot more than just listening to the latest Lady Gaga single on your iPod, it’s also a fashion statement. Clothes make the man, as Mark Twain once said. And what better way to make a great first impression, especially amongst the nerd crowd, but with one of these awesome geek culture inspired headphones from Etsy shop ketchupize.

Their store name sounds more like the goofy, 1950’s sci-fi move effects of a scientific experiment gone deliciously wrong than a seller of audio gear, but to their credit, ketchupize superbly fashions custom headphones in the fandom of your choosing: be it Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, and much more right through their online marketplace.

Zelda headphones by ketchupize

Promised in their advertising, each headphone you order from them is remarkably hand-painted. Uniquely, too. So, you’ll never find another pair that looks the same, even if you do buy twice of the same kind. It’s all thanks to their dedicated artwork, which you should by-the-by, head over to their deviantArt page to check out more of. It’s some good stuff, dudes.

Back to pricing first. You’ll find that ketchupize uses a range of different headphones as their geeky-inspired canvases, so expect prices to range from design to design. Starting near $35(USD), and up to $125(USD), e.g. that Legend of Zelda pair you see before above. And sure, that might be a little too pricey, but for it you get something of excellent quality.

Adventure Time by ketchupize

To me, that’s the best kind of quality. Just like the work we put into here on Walyou, where we cover the latest, and greatest happenings in the nerd world such as gnarly looking Breaking Bad pumpkins, and 12 tips and tricks to boost your iPhone usefulness.