Google Assistant Helps Locate Objects with Tile Mate

Tile and Google Assistant

One of the biggest nightmares that we all face is having to search for everyday objects in our own houses. Whenever we misplace a wallet or key, we have wished that the device can be located where it is. Now, it is possible to do something close to that, thanks to Google Assistant and Tile Mate

What is Tile Mate?

Tile Mate is a Bluetooth-enabled tracker that can be attached to devices and objects so that you can locate them easily. Tile Mate has a Bluetooth range of nearly 150 feet. This means, you can easily locate any object in your house if you are not able to locate it. Tile Mate can be attached to any item that you would like got find easily. All you need to do is to link the Bluetooth gadget in your Google Home app and use Google Assistant to track devices attached to Tile trackers. For example, you can use simple sentences to command Google Assistant to ring your wallet or bag when you are unable to find them. 

For this to work, you will need to download the Tile app on your iOS or Android device and implement the initial setup. Assistant’s support is notoriously minimal and Tile support is a valuable addition to the list of Bluetooth trackers currently supported by Google Assistant. 

How does one set up Google Assistant with Tile?

All you need to do is to make sure that you have attached the Tile Bluetooth tracker to whichever object you want to locate quickly. Make sure that you set up Google Assistant and Tile apps correctly own your phone. This is important because unless you set up the app correctly, Assistant will not be able to locate the objects attached to Tile trackers. You could potentially lose important objects right under your nose if you make mistakes while setting up the application. 

Use Assistant to quickly locate objects you frequently lose

As you can see, Google Assistant can be used to track and locate objects that you frequently misplace or lose. You can use Google Assistant and Tile Mate to track objects easily. Consequently, you will not have to spend a lot of time and money on locating objects. Have you started to use Tile Mate to pair with your objects? If so, have you started to use Tile to locate objects that you frequently lose, such as keys and wallets? Do let us know what your experience has been so far.