Google Spotlight Stories adds more supported devices

Google Spotlight Stories, the interactive storytelling app has just added a new wave of supported Android devices.


This app, acquired by Google after the Motorola buyout is based on taking advantage of the smartphones’ features to tell interactive stories. And while it might still be in trial stages, there already are quite a few interesting tales and features to see there. When it started, it only had support for Motorola devices running on Android 4.3 or higher, although without any warranties that it actually would run – once installed, users might just as well get a message saying that their device is still incompatible.


At first there were only three stories to see, but the Spotlight team just added a fourth one titled “help”, by Justin Lin (from Fast & Furious), and is available for free for a limited period. The idea is that these stories will eventually be sold for a price, and even then there are rumors that the service could use a membership like Netflix or Spotify.

Check out the next video to see how the Spotlight team develop their stories, with comments by Jon Klassen, who was one of the visual artists in Kung Fu Panda 2.

The Spotlight Player can be downloaded from Google Play following this link, and under the “install” button, users will learn whether their device is compatible or not. The current version is v1.8b22p8, weighs some 20 megabytes and is free.

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