I5 Plus Waterproof Smartband Discourages Sedentariness

Used properly, wearables could mean the end of sedentary lifestyles. This is achieved by either by getting us to compare our fitness stats with those of other people, or by using a reminder, as is the case with the I5 Plus smart wristband.

Sedentariness can lead to serious health problems, and this should determine people to take advantage of every chance they get to move around. Buying a wearable doesn’t instantly make you slimmer or healthier, but these devices can play an extremely important role in keeping you motivated. That’s exactly why the companion apps for wearables have the option of sharing the stats. Both personal records and the ones of the other people can become new goals that need to be achieved and surpassed, on the way to a healthier body.

As many other wearables, the I5 Plus takes into account several parameters when tracking sports (time, steps, distance, calories) and sleep (deep or light sleep, and duration). Another feature that’s common to other smartwatches is the ability to see notifications for both calls and texts. On top of that, Iwown’s smart wristband enables you to control your smartphone’s camera remotely, and employs gesture controls for browsing through the notifications.

The Iwown I5 Plus connects to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0, and that is also how it syncs notifications and stats. In case you cannot find your phone, the wristband can help you retrieve it. Double tap the smartband’s display and the phone will start ringing, assuming it’s within the Bluetooth distance.

Most importantly, the I5 Plus smartband can notify you when you have spent too much time sitting in a chair. The sedentary reminder, as the manufacturer called this function, is an essential feature, considering how much time people spend in front of the TV or the computer.

A companion app was developed for both Android and iOS, in order to facilitate the synchronization of calls, contacts, and texts. Besides that, the app is useful when updating the firmware of the I5 Plus. You won’t have to use any cables for that, as all updates are provided OTA (over the air).

GearBest is currently offering the I5 Plus waterproof smartband (in black, blue, and red) for $17.52, assuming that you use the coupon code GBI5P at checkout.

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