Safer GPS Navigation for Cyclists–with Lasers!

Cyclists who love traveling by bike but have a terrible sense of direction, take heart: you may have a safer GPS option in the future. Imagine if the pavement itself guided you to your destination. That’s essentially what a revolutionary new GPS would allow, using the mighty power of lasers. Designed by Kim Tae-Jin, the Open Sight Laser GPS projects your directions right on the ground in front of your bicycle in bold, bright red light that’s visible even in daylight. Instead of dangerously pulling your phone out of your pocket or looking at a GPS mounted to your handlebars while en route, this laser GPS would help you keep your eyes on the road and make your way with less distractions.The device comes with several bonus features. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, the Laser GPS also provides running speed, traffic conditions, and motion distance, to better help cyclists avoid obstacles in their path. Its strong beams have the added benefit of making cyclists even more visible at night. And, for added eco-friendliness, it’s pedal-powered, too.As more of us take to the roads by bicycle, unfortunately, bicycle accidents are more likely to occur; just as distracted driving increases the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents, distracted cycling increases the likelihood of bicycle accidents. While voice-guided directions remain a good option to reduce distracted cycling and provide directions for cyclists, it’s encouraging that this laser GPS idea is in the works for those of us who’d prefer visual guidance, or simply can’t use a voice-guided GPS.
While knowing your route before you set off and stopping to check directions are perhaps the best options for safer travel by bike, this GPS technology could do what many motor vehicle and bicycle features do already: increase safety by accounting for errors in human behavior. This laser GPS could help reduce the risk of accidents and even save lives.
Source: Treehugger
Image © Kim Tae-Jin via Yanko Design